New Genesis

An Innovative Approach to Affordable Housing
in Mixed-Use DTLA


Completed in 2012, the New Genesis apartment building is an innovative mixed-use development containing 106 dwelling units and 2 ground floor commercial spaces fronting Main Street. Supportive housing and health services are located in the interior lobby of the building and accessible for any resident that wishes to utilize them. This year Skid Row Housing Trust, the non-profit affordable and supportive housing developer and landlord for the property, is celebrating their 25th anniversary of bringing this model of innovative and successful mixed-housing to Los Angeles.

After a two-year entitlement process that included two Zoning Administrator hearings and two appeals through the Central Area Planning Commission, EPG was successful in obtaining a conditional use permit for beer and wine for “Great Balls”, the incoming tenant of one of the ground floor commercial spaces, known for their globally influenced meatball dishes. This project is a landmark case in the era of Downtown Redevelopment, as it allows Downtown Los Angeles to move towards a mixed-living environment where formerly homeless and low-income residents are given the opportunity to live in a like-built environment to other market rate and high-end loft developments. The New Genesis Apartments look and feel like any other apartment building in Downtown, and provide active commercial uses on the ground floor that invite all members of the Downtown community and visitors to share the space. For too long, formerly homeless residents and those in recovery have been isolated into often-times rundown, stigmatized housing that segregates them from the rest of the rapidly redeveloping Downtown area. Without the successful housing model that Skid Row Housing Trust and the New Genesis Apartments provide and the success that EPG had with the entitlement process, many Downtown residents would have been denied equal access to the mixed-use housing and amenities that other residents of Downtown Los Angeles have; as a result of this achievement, there is a new standard of living for all residents of Downtown.

Currently, EPG is working on the ABC application for the state issued wine and beer license for Great Balls restaurant. EPG is so pleased to be apart of this project, and we are looking forward to this vibrant addition to the community.


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