“We are advised by EPG in all issues related to City Planning, Zoning, and Liquor law. They are without a doubt the best land-use consultants in the city, especially as it relates to restaurant and bar usages. EPG does so much and they do it graciously. We appreciate their professionalism and friendship.”

Andre Ulloa

“We have been working with Elizabeth Peterson Group for nearly a decade on land use and liquor entitlements approvals, and I am happy to report that we have an extremely successful track record with Elizabeth Peterson Group. Elizabeth and the team are pros at navigating through very challenging political processes in various municipalities, and I highly recommend this fine group to anyone who is looking for a favorable result in the land use and liquor license approval arena.”

Matt Fisher

“The EPG team was instrumental in aligning our Conditional Use permit, licensing and other permits, and have been extremely helpful with following up to ensure all is well. EPG continues to be a go-to for assistance due to their experience and contacts, and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Jason Deibler
Ace Hotel

“I have owned Temple Bar Concepts for 15 years, and during that time, I have owned and operated multiple bars and nightclubs throughout Los Angeles. The EPG team has represented me successfully in every one of those acquisitions, acquiring all permits and licenses necessary to operate. EPG has one of the strongest reputations in the city for getting the job done, in Los Angeles, a very difficult city to acquire any permit! I highly recommend EPG to any hotel, restaurant, bar, or nightclub proprietor.”

Louie Ryan
Temple Bar Concepts

“EPG was instrumental in helping us to successfully secure a CUP for a restaurant at the New Genesis Apartments, and to overcome substantial challenges from highly motivated and organized, but misguided community opposition. This was a high-profile project that received substantial press coverage. Despite the high numbers of people who turned out to oppose us, EPG was able to navigate us through the process to achieve our goal. EPG staff was prepared, professional, and proactive. We could not have succeeded without their help!”

Mike Alvidrez
Skid Row Housing Trust

Posted: Mar 22, 2014